Pumpkins are undoubtedly some of the most recognizable parts of the autumn season. They are in our pies and our coffee, we bake them in bread, and we carve them to decorate our porches. In the last few years they seem to come in every size, shape, and color too.

This month, consider making these beautiful pumpkin succulent planters. Use a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for both the pumpkins and the succulents. Let this serve as a reminder that God designed variety in people too. He loves each of us equally no matter our shape, size, or color. He demonstrated His love by sending His one and only Son as a sacrifice for our sins, and He fills us with His love so we can give it away to others!

What You’ll Need for Pumpkin Succulents:

• hollow or Styrofoam faux pumpkins
• potting soil
• varied small succulents
• black marker
• utility knife
• scissors or handheld garden shears
• plastic grocery sacks
• something to cover your workspace

What You’ll Do to Make Pumpkin Succulents:

1. Draw a circle the size of your desired opening on the top of your pumpkins.
2. Use a utility knife to cut the circle (slanting in toward the center of the pumpkin).
3. Remove the circle and dig out any extra bits left inside to create a large hole.
4. Line the hole with plastic.
5. Pour a small amount of soil in the bottom of the pumpkin.
6. Remove plant from its nursery container by turning it upside down in your hand.
7. Plant succulents and clippings close together.
8. Fill any gaps with soil mix, tamping gently.
9. Lightly water plants using a narrow spout to direct the stream into the soil rather than onto the succulent.
10. Place inside or outside in a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day.