HomeFront has a healthy, expanding following. Our young email list has over 12,000 subscribers (11/23/2015). Digital and print distribution of the magazine spans the United States and beyond.

With the launch of the new website (11/23/2015), we are heavily promoting and measuring SEO-targeted content across Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, prominent blogs, and into the organic search results. This strategy is guided by SEO and content marketing experts from the team behind Disciplr.

HomeFront content (food, crafts, games, family, etc.) is in high demand.

Our philosophy about ads

Traditionally, HomeFront has resisted running any ads. We thought this was an added benefit for subscribers, but we were wrong.

Ads help make HomeFront sustainable, increasing the team’s capability and quality.

Relevant ads for quality products and services are helpful to our customers.

Ads support other businesses and build relationships.

To learn about ad pricing and availability, please fill out the contact form or reach out on Twitter

Here are ways we are open to promotion:

Product placement

Study a few issues of HomeFront and it’s obvious: Stephanie and Debbie put together a beautiful product. We are happy to consider your product(s) for placement in our magazine photo shoots, and every subscriber is likely to see your product! However, space in each magazine is limited and we like to schedule ahead – don’t delay.

Guest posting

We love guest posting! This is the most cost effective option for all parties. Benefits:

  • Gain quality backlinks from an authoritative site
  • Gain exposure to a new audience
  • Build new business relationships
  • More content adds value to readers

We are more than open to receiving and writing guest posts (let’s cross-promote!). Guest posting on HomeFront is FREE. We can even assign posts.

Reach out with some details about your interest, web presence, and ideas.

If you’ve heard bad things about “guest posting”, those bad things were referring to duplicate content – placing the exact same article on two sites. We don’t do that.

Ad slots

Adblockers exist for a reason: many sites have gone overboard. Nobody likes battling endless pop-ups, moving parts and cluttered interfaces to read a simple article. You won’t see HomeFront doing the same.

HomeFront is willing to consider ad slots in our site if a good case can be made based on relevance, quality and flow (does the ad fit the spot/content).

Sponsored posts

If the content serves our audience well, we will entertain pitches for sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are different from guest posts because they are more commercial in nature. For example, a post about an incredible scrapbook is commercial. A post about raising healthy children is not (usually). Determining whether a post should be classified as sponsored or “guest” is up to the discretion of HomeFront.

Sponsored posts will be marked as such.


We may occasionally use affiliate marketing links and receive a commission based upon sales made from them.