Hello HomeFront Subscribers!

We want to thank you for your loyalty to HomeFront as a spiritual parenting resource to equip families to disciple their children in their homes.

It has been our joy to serve you with this resource and to partner with you as parents and grandparents in raising a generation of faith.

While we here at New Life Church are still passionate about this mission, we will no longer be providing a paid subscription model for this resource. As we continue to create HomeFront magazine for our families at New Life church, we would like to freely share the digital version on our website for you to download and use.

For those of you who have paid in advance, you will be receiving a refund if desired. You may also donate your subscription fees toward the mission of making HomeFront available to all for no cost.

We will have more details to come, but wanted to make you aware that our December issue will be our final paid print and digital subscription. You will be able to access our Winter Edition (January/February) in late December with the website that we will provide for you in a following email.

Please join me in thanking our dedicated Editor in Chief, Debbie Guinn, who has shaped, molded, and cultivated a vibrant resource for so many for over 10 years. Debbie, may God continue to bless you with ways to use your tremendous gifts and passions for the next generation of believers. You live this well with your children and grandchildren.

With great blessing,
Michelle Anthony
HomeFront Founder,
Executive Pastor of Family Ministries at New Life Church