I had the biggest event of my life to execute and I was determined to come out like a rock star. Big names from our state were coming: the governor, mayor, city officials, war veterans, and countless residents from around the area. They were coming to experience something great happening at our church, and I was not going to let them leave disappointed.

The day of the event, after the morning service released, I made my way into the auditorium to prepare the reserved seating for my important guests. As I approached, I noticed there were still church attendees praying at the altar. Under my breath I said, “Come on, people. I’ve got things to do in here and I need you to get out.” (Cue the shocked emojis. All of them.) I stood embarrassed, processing what I had just said. God was quick to bring Luke 10, the story of Mary and Martha, to my attention. My big head found this event more valuable than the conversations that were taking place with God! In my hurried and stressed preparation, I failed to follow these prayer warriors’ examples and invite God to His own gathering.

Often, I am guilty of doing this in my own home. I engage my Martha spirit more often than I want to admit. When Martha asked Jesus to tell her sister Mary to get up and come help with stressful dinner preparations, His response was, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:41–42 NLT).

Mary focused on the most important thing that needed to be done: spending time with Jesus. Everything else could wait. So many times, I have been derailed by the lack of coffee, small children to keep alive, and the chaos of laundry. Things must get done! Yet I have discovered my home is most susceptible to relational strain when I neglect my heavenly Father.

My husband and I lead the course that our family follows. We make a conscious daily choice to allow the Holy Spirit into our day. We ask our kids: “What kind of day is today?” and the response is “A good day!” Because of Jesus, they know it’s a good day. When I discern that stress wants to take hold in my day I ask myself, “Is this something I need to be stressed about?” The answer is always no because God gives me a sound mind. He is the giver of my peace. He is the one who invites us to cast all our burdens on Him!

When my kids come home from school, my husband and I want it to be a stress-free zone.
Do we always succeed? No way! But that’s where Jesus fills our gaps because we have invited Him into our home. We give Him first seat and voice. I desire for my home to be a place our kids want to return to when they are grown with children of their own. For that to happen, I must daily invite Jesus into the home He gave us and choose to sit at His feet and allow Him to correct my course!