pioneers of rest

Pioneers of Rest

“Being pioneers of rest means resting in God’s promise to take care of all the little things we may not get to today.” I was on a walk with a visiting fri... Read More...
respecting our seasons

Respecting Our Seasons

It's a balancing act between reasonable amounts of order vs. excessive clutter in our homes, isn't it? Parents, here's some wisdom regarding possessions and respecting our families' seasons during these years.
show up

Show Up

I’m sitting next to my husband in grief counseling, folding and refolding the tissue in my hand as tears drip from my chin. There’s no point in tissues anymore.... Read More...
souls over stuff

Souls Over Stuff

Our most challenging seasons oftentimes allow us the most intimacy with the Lord. Leaning into the uncomfortable and the tension shapes us and brings about the ... Read More...
kind lips

Kind Lips

Josh Neumann launched Kind Lips in 2017, but the story really began when he was just 10 years old.  As a young man, Josh’s lips were always drying out. His mom ... Read More...
come out of hiding

Come Out of Hiding

When sin entered the world, it sent humanity’s first couple into hiding, both from God and one another. They hastily masked their naked vulnerability behind a h... Read More...
identity lost

Identity Lost

Twelve years ago, I took my then-two-year-old son in for a haircut. Just a trim. He needed more than that, but I wasn’t ready. We had just moved back to Califor... Read More...