Each month our small but mighty staff joins with our incredibly talented freelance team to produce this family resource. We enlist everyone from friends, family, and ministry leaders to bloggers, photographers, and accomplished authors to help us pull off this feat each month.

Meet our team

debbie-guinn Debbie Guinn

Being the Editor in Chief for HomeFront means I get to cast the overall vision for each article and photo shoot and make the environments come alive each month. My home kitchen is the test kitchen for our recipes and I make sure every craft idea actually works before we publish it. Along with my son, I am co-parenting two of my grandchildren which means I’m practicing what HomeFront preaches on a daily basis.

I have over 25 years experience in Children’s and Family Ministry and am passionate about equipping parents to be the leaders of God’s truth in their own households. I want parents to know they do not need a theology degree to spiritually parent their child. Simple small steps every single day lead to big changes in the lives of our kids.

I am a mom of three and grandma of six and on any given weekend you might find me perusing antique shops and flea markets. However, my most cherished time is spent hanging out with my grandkids—they are my favorite people on this planet!

What is your favorite HomeFront article and why?

Taking Action. It is important to me that kids see ordinary people making big differences in this world. It truly highlights putting feet to our faith.


stephanie-reindelStephanie Reindel

I joined the HomeFront team with the official title of “designer.” However, I quickly found that at HomeFront, we wear lots of different hats! I currently handle all of the design, photography, and subscription management. On any given day I could be found designing a page layout, photographing a fun recipe, or answering a customer service email—each day is something new!

I graduated from John Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography. I am passionate about child advocacy and this passion led me to work for Compassion International for a season. In January 2015, God led me to David C Cook and HomeFront and I couldn’t be more thankful! I love using the creative talent God has given me to help put HomeFront into the hands of parents looking for new and fun ways to spiritually nurture their children.

My husband, Joel, and I have been married a year-and-a-half and love our adopted dog, Scout. When I’m not working on HomeFront, I enjoy reading, hiking with Joel and Scout, learning Krav Maga, and baking (anything pumpkin is my favorite!).

What is your favorite HomeFront article and why?

Kids in the Kitchen and Family Time Recipe. The recipes are super fun to take pictures of. Not to mention, we get to sample them when we’re done!

Hanna EricksonHanna Erickson

I’m the newest member of the HomeFront team, joining in the final two weeks of 2015! As the Social Media Manager, I am daily encouraged, comforted, and convicted by God’s truth as I glean through the articles looking for verses and author quotes to share with our readers in tweets and posts. I can guarantee that a thorough soaking in HomeFront each month is a definite boost to any parent’s spirit! I also add guest bloggers’ new posts, as well as past HomeFront articles, to the website.

I am a former elementary teacher turned foster mom turned adoptive mom. My dear sweet husband, Brian, and I have been married for 12 years and adopted our three little ones—ages six, four, and two—in October 2015. After being here for six years, sometimes we still can hardly believe how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place as Colorado Springs! We try to get out as much as possible to explore the trails and woods around us, and look forward to having longer outdoor adventures as the kids get older.

What is your favorite HomeFront article and why?

Each article has so much value, but I’ll say Kids in the Kitchen and Global. Being able to share my love for baking, as well as my love for travel, geography, and a global mind-set with my kids is really fun for all of us!

leigh-davidsonLeigh Davidson

As copy editor on HomeFront, it’s my joy to take a fine-toothed comb to each issue—and be edified and encouraged by the content in the process! It’s been a privilege to combine nine years of experience as an editor with my newer role as a parent to work on this fantastic magazine. My lively days flash by with a three-year-old daughter, two-year-old son, and one on the way. HomeFront has been one way the Lord has kept my husband, Jason, and me focused on the “bigger picture” when we find ourselves getting lost in the demanding details of life.

When I’m not editing or playing with my children, I enjoy building relationships with international women in my community, teaching Sunday school, savoring the Colorado outdoors, supporting my husband in his new business venture, attempting Pinterest projects, and reading.

What is your favorite HomeFront article and why?

Sometimes it’s the Tough Topics article, where people share vulnerable stories and invite us all to be real with the hard of life. One month, it was Global when I got to tell my children more about Nepal, a country their daddy and I visited before they were born. Yummy recipes … great craft ideas … beautiful pictures throughout. Did I mention I love HomeFront?!