Creating together as a family is one way we can bring beauty and vibrancy into our lives—especially when it comes to the art of watercolor. This form of art will bring joy to even the youngest member of your family because there is no right or wrong way to create a masterpiece!

While you are painting, share with your children that God’s love is like the water. He fills us with His love and that love should spread out to others and make something beautiful for the entire world to see.

Watercolor Silhouettes


• Print outs of heart silhouette—younger and older version available from
• Watercolor paper
• Watercolor paints (2-3 colors will do)
• Brush
• Scissors
• Masking tape
• Black markers or black paint with a small paint brush


1. Print out your image.
2. Cut out the heart.
3. Position your cutout (tape it down for little ones) and trace with your pencil. Try to keep your pencil line light.
4. Cover the painting surface—this can get messy.
5. Use your brush to wet the entire background around your heart.
Don’t go all the way to the edge and leave a few small spots dry.
6. Load your brush up with wet paint and touch your brush to the paper. The paint will spread but only on the wet areas.
7. Add more paint. Move around to help the paint spread. Use your brush to cheat your paint into smaller details.
8. Let your painting dry completely before moving.
9. Using a marker or black paint, write or paint the Family Verse (Luke 6:31) inside of the hearts.