How To Use A Pillowcase to Illustrate Your Identity in Christ

• white pillowcases (1 per family member)
• washable markers
• permanent markers

Everyone seems to have an idea of how to define us. At various times we’re called “children,” “siblings,” “parents,” “students,” “athletes,” “colleagues”—and the list goes on. Maybe you’ve been labeled as “funny,” “smart,” “attractive,” or “good.” Or maybe the identities given to you by others haven’t been nearly as positive. The truth is that even the most well-meaning or uplifting labels given to us by others always fall short of capturing who we truly are. These identities will always fail to describe the core of what makes us us.

The labels we wear often stem from our circumstances or our performance in certain areas. But what happens when you lose that job, or when your marriage becomes rocky, or when you can no longer play that sport you love? Only the true identity we find in Christ will last.


This month, take a night together as a family to remind one another of your true identity in Christ. Sit around a table and give a white pillowcase to each person. Next, spend a few minutes in prayer and ask God to reveal your true identity and how God sees you. Then encourage each person to use washable markers to write on his pillowcase words or phrases that the world might use to define him (such as “brother,” “athletic,” “smart,” or “good friend”). Once all of you finish this step, use the permanent markers to write words or phrases that describe the identity you have because of Jesus (such as “loved by God,” “saved,” “redeemed,” or “chosen”).

Finally, throw your pillowcases in the washing machine and watch how the lesser identities fade away while your true identity in Christ remains. Enjoy resting on God’s truths of who you are in Christ!