“Where are You, God?” I can’t tell you how many times these words have escaped my mouth in prayer. The moment things get difficult in my life, I forget the incredible promises of God found in the Bible. I become so caught up in the situation that I have trouble stepping back far enough to see the big picture—to see that God is still with me. I need to remind myself of the truths that I know about God, like what we read in Deuteronomy 31:6: God tells His people that He will go with them and that He will never leave them.

What a comforting thought! Even when things seem messy or out of control, we have a God who promises to stay by our side. We know that this is true because His Word says so. God has many promises for us in the Bible that help us to know Him better.

This month, we hope your family can get to know God better through making tie-dye prayer T-shirts as a visual reminder of who He is.

What You’ll Need to Make Tie-Dye Prayer T-Shirts:

• Plain white T-shirts (1 for each family member)
• 4–5 rubber bands per shirt
• 3–color tie-dye kit with blue, yellow, and red (found at most craft stores)

Follow the tie-dye kit instructions to prepare the T-shirts. After spinning each shirt and wrapping it with rubber bands, enter into a time of prayer with your family. Explain to your children that we can know things about God through the Bible. As you begin to tie-dye the shirts, lead your children in thanking God for the amazing things you know about Him.

Each time you squirt the blue dye on a shirt, remember that God is our healer (Psalm 30:2), and pray for those in your life who need to experience the healing that God offers.

Each time you squirt the yellow dye, remember that God comforts us when we’re hurting (2 Corinthians 1:3). Pray for yourself and for others who may need to experience God’s comfort.

Finally, as you squirt the red dye, think about God’s overflowing love (John 3:16). God loves us so much that He was willing to send Jesus so that we might be in relationship with Him. As you use the red dye, thank God for His love.

After you’ve followed the rest of the directions and each T-shirt has had time to sit for 12 to 24 hours, remove it from the bag. Have everyone watch as you take off the rubber bands. Talk about how when you dyed the shirt with the three colors, you only thought about each color individually, but now you can see how all of the colors work together. Sometimes when we pray, we don’t understand God’s plan, but as we see how all of our prayers have been beautifully woven together, we can be reminded that God is working all things for good.