The wind was blowing, but it was not a shivery, cold wind. Has the cold wind ever made you shiver? The cold wind always made the little kite shiver. Thankfully, winter was leaving to make room for spring. The little kite could feel it—the wind began to lose its frosty chill as the warmth of spring took over.

Now the little kite really did love winter, for it was the season of Christmas. The diamond-shaped kite had been a beautifully wrapped gift under the Christmas tree. Although the family had excitedly admired him when he was unwrapped, the little kite was a gift that would have to wait until spring for outdoor fun and play.

The family placed the little kite in a closet for safekeeping with all the Christmas decorations. He was glad to share a shelf with the Christmas nativity. Baby Jesus looked snug in the hay. The little kite had learned that Christmas was a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Over the winter months, he was warmed by thoughts that the baby in the manger was God’s special gift to the world. But as for what kind of gift, he wasn’t sure.

The little diamond-shaped kite had been patient. Easter Sunday had arrived! The family finally took the little kite out of the closet. They removed his packaging and began to assemble him. He felt his diamond-shaped sail stretch over his cross frame. The family tied knots in his string and secured it to all the right points. Lastly, the family unraveled his colorful tail—the little kite was dressed in his Easter best. He was ready to fly!

Upon launching, he had no trouble catching the wind. The wind was steady and fresh. Flying was amazing! He soared over the churchyard. Life was emerging everywhere. The tree’s buds were blossoming while colorful flowers brightened the church’s garden.

As the little kite swooshed past the church’s roof, a familiar shape caught his eye. The warm breeze whooshed him up and over a cross. Suddenly he remembered that his own sail was stretched out over a cross. The little kite felt each point of the cross as he shifted in the breeze.

Now he understood why Jesus was God’s special gift to the world. Jesus had lived a perfect life and showed the world what God was like—loving, good, just, and forgiving. Certain people didn’t like what Jesus was doing or saying, so they put Him to death on a cross. Miraculously, Jesus did not stay dead! God’s power raised Jesus back to life! Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave made the way for people to be a part of God’s family. People could have new life by following Jesus.

The little kite was thankful for spring—a season that brought life. More importantly, the little kite was thankful for Easter Sunday. He was glad to remember and celebrate God’s gift to the world! Jesus provides a way for new and everlasting life to everyone who believes. “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life” (John 6:47 ESV). Do you believe?