This Spring Hoop Wreath will not only look beautiful hanging on your door but will serve as a reminder that you want your home to be an inviting place where friends, family, and faith community can gather. As it greets all who enter, it will declare to them that gathering together is a high value for your family.

What You’ll Need to Make the Spring Hoop Wreath:

• large embroidery hoop, about 18 inches
• greenery garland
• green floral wire
• GATHER scripted letters wall art
• fishing line
• spray paint

What You’ll Do to Make the Spring Hoop Wreath:

1. Use only the inner circle of the embroidery hoop for this project.
2. Spray paint the hoop.
3. Lay the greenery garland on top of the hoop and adjust it until you are pleased with the placement. Doubling up the greenery will make for a fuller look.
4. Cut off any excess with scissors.
5. Attach the greenery using small pieces of green floral wire.
6. Lay your wreath on a flat service and place your letters in the center of the hoop.
7. Cut two pieces of clear fishing line, loop the line through the letters, and tie a knot at the top of the hoop to secure.
8. You can hang the hoop directly on a wreath hanger or use ribbon or twine to display it.

You can also customize this wreath for any season by changing the word in the center or adding floral accents.