“God has a big story, and I can be a part of it!” Make a family storybook and remember how God is using your family to create a unique story that deserves to be told for God’s glory. The Big God Story is God’s story of redemption, salvation, and hope that tells how those who follow Him have been grafted into it by grace. The Bible is one continuous story of little substories that point to redemption in Jesus. As you create this storybook, recall the substories God has written for your family. Start by thinking through some of your favorite memories from family vacations, celebrations, or mile markers!


• construction paper
• scrapbook paper or cardstock
• family photos
• glue stick
• markers


  • Together as a family, use construction paper, scrapbook paper, or cardstock and copies of family photos to create a timeline of memories.
  • Take turns having each family member tell what he or she remembers about that moment, event, vacation, etc., and write a note in the margins or draw a picture about what God did in each of those times for your family.
  • Write Ephesians 1:7 in your book or choose a family verse together that helps you remember who God is to your family. You might like to write it on the cover or use it progressively throughout the pages.
  • Perhaps leave some empty pages and add some photos, drawings, and notes in the coming years!
  • When you’re finished with your book, take a
  • moment to thank God for how He has included your
  • family in His big story. Pray that He will continue to
  • guide your family to glorify Him moving forward.