In this month’s issue of HomeFront we share several stories about children who chose to let their lights shine before others. Many of them raised money to support a cause and make a difference. This shadow box bank is a great way to save money together as a family. Choose an organization you want to support and then start gathering your money and donating. With the interchangeable background, you might even consider choosing a different organization each month!

What You’ll Need to Make a Shadow Box Bank:

• 8″ x 10″ shadow box picture frame
• printable art for your background
• tape
• drill and small drill bit or Dremel

What You’ll Do to Make a Shadow Box Bank:

1. Create your own 8″ x 10″ background specific to the cause you choose to support, or download our Family Time Verse here:

2. Use the drill and small drill bit or Dremel to create your coin slot.

3. Tape the backdrop to the inside back of the frame.

4. Place the bank in a prominent place in your home and start collecting your donations together.