What You’ll Need for Pin the Snowflake:

• coffee filters or small pieces of white paper
• scissors
• tape
• large white piece of butcher paper or poster board
• markers or crayons
• paint (optional)
• blindfold

Before You Start:

Use the coffee filters or small pieces of white paper to cut out snowflakes. You’ll want to make five to six per person.

Next, using markers, crayons or paint (or all three), create an outdoor scene on your butcher paper or poster board. Don’t worry! You do not need to be Picasso for this. A simple hill and a bare winter tree will be just fine!

Finally, tape the outdoor scene to a wall, and you’re ready to start!

Time to Play Pin the Snowflake!

Gather everyone and ask them to take a look at the outdoor scene hanging on the wall. Ask them to point out some different things they see (hill, tree, cloud, etc.). Explain to your family that, together, you will transform this picture into a beautiful winter wonderland! But here’s the catch: You’ll be wearing a blindfold.

This game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Invite one player up at a time and place a blindfold over his eyes. Hand him one snowflake, with a piece of tape already on it, and instruct him to walk forward and stick the snowflake on the picture. Once he does so, he may remove the blindfold to see where the snowflake landed.

Continue rotating through until all of the snowflakes have been placed on the picture. Take a moment to point out to your family how different the picture looks with all of the snowflakes on it.


In this game, every time the blindfold was taken off, there was another new snowflake to admire on the picture. After working together, your family took something simple and turned it into a winter wonderland! Remind your children that sometimes we can’t see what God is doing, but as soon as He asks us to take the blindfold off, He reveals something magnificent! Encourage your children to continue asking God the question, “What needs to be done?In doing so, He will surely lead us into a life of serving one another and the one true God, even when we least expect it.