Angels have many roles—both in heaven and here on earth.

In heaven, we know that angels worship God every minute of every day. Revelation 4:8 tells us,

“… Day and night they never stop saying: “‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.”

When Jesus was born, they sang the first Christmas carol ever, declaring the glorious miracle of Christ’s birth. We can learn a lot from these messengers of God. Angels model for us how to adore God alone—everything they do is based on their love for God. They never tire of worshipping Him!

In this month’s issue of HomeFront we want to encourage you as parents to model a robust worship life for your children—never tiring of showing your love for God. Capturing the Season (page 6) gives us a great way to focus on Jesus throughout this Christmas season by creating a Glory Garland. Traditions (page 14) emphasizes the importance of celebrating all God is doing in both the good and the not-so-good seasons of our lives.

God’s Word (page 22) inspires us to respond to God in worship and share the aspects of God we are extremely grateful for. Our Student ID (page 34) is a great reminder for all parents, not just parents of middle schoolers, to be the lovers of Jesus we want our children to become—we cannot expect our children to become people we ourselves are not.

Angels were the first to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ birth and now we get to do the same. The Christmas season brings a perfect opportunity to include our friends, neighbors, and relatives in our worship of God and model to them that we adore God alone. Our prayer is that this issue of HomeFront will inspire, equip, and support you as you do exactly that!

Debbie Guinn

Memorizing Scripture can be an incredible practice to engage in as a family. But words in and of themselves will not necessarily transform us; it is God’s Spirit in these words who transforms. We come to know God more when we’re willing to open our hearts and listen to His Holy Spirit through the words we memorize. Have fun with this verse, and think of creative ways to invite your family to open up to God as they commit the verse to memory. 

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