Each new school year brings new rules and routines.  Remembering each new teacher’s preferences and guidelines can cause stress and take even the most confident child out of her comfort zone.  One of the best remedies for stress is to get your mind off of yourself and begin thinking about others.

These Lunch Box Challenge cards are designed to do exactly that—put the needs and desires of others first. Our Family Time Verse tells us, “Be strong, and let your heart take courage!” Remind your children that God’s Spirit is with them and will help them as they meet each challenge.

What You’ll Need for the Lunch Box Challenge:

• white card stock
• markers or crayons
• scissors

What You’ll Do for the Lunch Box Challenge:

1. Print the Lunch Box Challenge cards from http://bit.ly/HFAugustcardscoloring on the white card stock.
2. Allow your children to color and decorate the cards.
3. Cut the cards out and put them in a container next to where school lunches are packed.
4. Surprise your child with a different card every few days.
5. Talk together at dinner each night about how the challenge went.