This month we’re putting a twist on Ding-Dong Ditch. Instead of using the game to annoy people, let’s redeem it by using it to show love to the people God has placed in our lives.

First, get your family together to discuss who in your community could use some love. It may be a single parent doing her best to work and raise her children alone. Or it could be a family that’s been struggling and could benefit from simply knowing they’re loved. Maybe it’s a school friend who isn’t a part of a faith community but would enjoy seeing how God’s people love and serve each other. God doesn’t limit the people for whom He desires for us to show love, and with this activity, you get to choose the person you want to bless!

Next, using this Kids in the Kitchen recipe, bake up some Mason Jar Brownies. For each jar, cut out and attach one of the Valentine’s Day cards downloadable below. Make sure the family is home, and then sneak up to the front porch and set down your package of treats. Finally, ring the doorbell and run quickly to hide or drive away as the family opens the door and feels surprised and loved by your gift. (You might sign the cards if you think the recipients will be uneasy about eating treats from an anonymous gift-giver.)

Who knows—Love Ding-Dong Ditch could become a new Valentine’s Day tradition for your family!

Love Ding Dong Ditch

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