Each one of us is traveling a different road, yet we all encounter the same obstacles: long dark roads, detours, speed bumps, potholes, dead ends, and steep hills. Although our journeys may look different, God knows all, sees all, and nothing will ever take Him by surprise.

As a young boy, my relationship with my grandparents was a key part of shaping who I am today. The trips into the woods, early breakfast getaways, words of affirmation, godly principles, the list could go on—my grandparents were an important part of my life. Little did my wife and I know that these same principles would get put into daily practice so soon with our own grandson, Asher.

When our unmarried daughter came to us a couple of weeks before Christmas last year to let us know that she was pregnant, it wasn’t the Christmas gift we were expecting. All the shock and emotion that comes with news like that was very real. Yet, we knew we had to stop and see this situation through the eyes of God and prepare for the journey ahead.

It wasn’t about the relationship she was in, it wasn’t about the news, it wasn’t even about the “why”—it was ALL about supporting and pouring into her life and the life that was now being formed. None of her past journey mattered anymore. “What needs to be done?” did!

We took the time to let the dust settle and not be clouded by what others may have said or the battle that took place in our minds. We didn’t focus on the worries of tomorrow—remembering that God’s Word says to take every thought into captivity and allow Him to make all things beautiful. We began to see things very differently knowing that God has everything under control.

Asher came into our world on July 28th, 2014—my wife’s birthday, and what a gift!—and we immediately stepped into grandparenting roles. We vowed to God that we would step up and pray for both our daughter and our grandson, that we would support her in every possible way spiritually, financially, and physically. We promised to speak into both of their lives and see this beautiful event redeemed for His glory.

Our daughter Alyssa’s pursuit of God and the words she read from Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony became such a reality to her that she removed herself from the unhealthy relationship she had been in and is now living with my brother and his wife and visits us often. She is serving God as a single mom and spiritually parenting this amazing little boy.

Life is a journey. Ten months into our new journey, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. The diaper changes, the feeding times, the late nights and early mornings, the giggles and talks from the crib, the big blue eyes and the tiny hands raised while we worship to the Donut Man videos.

Life is a Journey

Were we ready for grandparenting? Probably not, but God prepared us for this role through the spiritual grandparents we had. Now we watch as this little man fulfills the destiny God has for him.

Asher’s name means “happiness” and his joy and the joy the Lord gives us certainly has made this journey a whole lot easier. High fives to all the grandparents out there pouring into the lives of your grandchildren—your journey lives on through them.

WBCL Radio, a Christian radio station in Fort Wayne, Indiana, interviewed Ken McDonald about this article on July 30, 2015. Listen to the full interview here!