Sometimes the word “responsibility” can bring moans and groans from our children. We may use the word to describe daily chores like cleaning rooms or feeding pets, or they may just associate the word with doing something they really don’t want to do. But what if we put a different spin on the word “responsibility”? Responsibility can really be an awesome opportunity for believers in Christ if we choose to look at it that way.

God has entrusted His world to us, and it is our responsibility to look after His people in it. We can take a family a meal during a time of sickness; we can offer to watch someone else’s children when we know the parents could really use a night out. We can even randomly pay for a stranger’s groceries in the checkout line. We can model all of these things with our children watching, but how can we include them so they understand it is also their responsibility to look after God’s people?

A movement that seems to have spread in many towns and cities across the U.S. is the “Kindness Rocks” movement. This movement may be called something different where you live, but the premise behind it is that you paint rocks with beautiful colors, pictures, words, and designs with the sole purpose of brightening someone else’s day. I follow a group in my hometown (called “719 Rocks” based on our area code), and I love how so many parents post that painting, hiding, and searching for rocks has become a family activity everyone can participate in and that it has gotten them outside and active together.

I also love reading stories where the right person finds the right rock at the right time. For example, one woman received a call that her five-year-old son had almost drowned in a swimming pool while spending the weekend with his grandmother. Her eight-year-old son had jumped in the pool and saved his brother’s life. Her sons were both fine by the time she received the phone call, but she was distraught that she wasn’t there with them, so she went on a walk to clear her head. While on her walk, she found a shiny, gold rock that said, “You are worth more than gold.” She kept it to save for her two boys as a reminder of how precious they are to her.

Another woman posted that she had just said good-bye to her daughter and granddaughter who moved across the country to get out of a bad situation. The grandmother found a rock near her workplace picturing a little curly headed girl (just like her granddaughter) that said, “Smile!”

Lastly, a woman posted about how she had to put down her beloved dog of eight years. She and her daughter went to the park to help distract their minds, and they found a sparkly rock with a big red heart on it. She said it was exactly what she needed at the time.

What if we view one of our responsibilities as simply spreading kindness to those around us? This month, spend a night or two decorating rocks together as a family. When you’re finished, go on a walk together and hide your rocks in places where others will find them. As you hide them, pray that the right person will find the right rock and that it will put a smile on that person’s face. If you already have an established group in your area, you can also go out and search for other rocks together.

If you want to share the rocks you hide or find with the HomeFront community, tag us on Instagram at @homefrontmagsp and use the hashtag #HFmagrocks.

Allow these “Kindness Rocks” to serve as a way of worshipping God by obeying Him and taking on the responsibility of spreading His loving-kindness to others.