One of the greatest ways to see God’s love and protection in our lives is to actually map it out. This look back is a perfect way to show our children and grandchildren God’s faithfulness. It’s a way to show them that even though you may have gotten off track, God was always there to lovingly restore you and set you on a corrected path.

Observing our own personal timeline provides a rewarding and inspiring perspective from which we can see God’s presence in our past and count on Him for our future.

Using a pencil and a large sheet of paper or poster board, draw a path. At the beginning of the path write the date you were born. Then begin to reflect on your life. List as
many significant events as possible.

How to Make A Giant Family Timeline

Your timeline could include:

• Your earliest memory of God’s presence in your life
• Experiences that left imprints on your soul
• Times of your faith being tested
• Decisions and choices where you went off track
• God’s loving discipline
• God’s provision
• Times when you doubted God
• God’s faithfulness
• Times of blessing and support

Once you have completed this portion of the timeline, go back through and ask yourself: “Who were the people God used in my life for each of these situations?” Then begin to write names in the appropriate spots. Finally, take another look and note the times in your life when God was correcting your course.

This exercise may take a while to complete. Once you’re done, you will have a clear view of how God has been with you—how He’s been directing your course. You can then begin to share your journey with your family. Each spiritual reflection will give you an opportunity to show your children and grandchildren that God is active everywhere.