If I’m honest, there is always something jockeying for my attention. Some of these things are good and worthy, like our people and our work, but others are there to suck our energy—like a diagnosis or a conflict we’re facing—while giving us nothing in return. Sometimes there is one large, obvious crisis we can point to and blame for our weariness, but often it’s just a mountain of tiny things that have slowly and silently stolen our joy. I think there are many of us moms who quietly struggle with this emptiness. We have forgotten whose we are—adopted daughters of the Most High King. Why is this? And, more importantly, how do we help ourselves and one another transition from emptiness to abundance once again?

How to Get Filled With The Holy Spirit

I’ve asked myself these questions a lot lately, and what continues to circle like a scavenging bird above my head is this phrase: “Fill the well.” Fill. The. Well. I have been running on empty from place to place, person to person, thing to thing. I haven’t stopped to fill back up. And I become a terrible version of myself when this is the case.

One of my favorite writers, Julia Cameron, recently wrote a book called The Artist’s Way for Parents. This book has greatly helped my struggle with filling the well. She begins her book by going straight for the parenting jugular: self-care—or rather, our lack of it. Essentially, she begins her book by asking parents to be generous with themselves.

Through her words, she breaks down the impassible, terrifying “Mountain of Self-Care” and instead tumbles a tiny stone of possibility around in her palm. She makes care feel possible. I can get so far from myself in an attempt to “BE ENOUGH” for others, but she reminds me to take 15 minutes and walk around the block alone. No little people tagging along. No phones. Nothing but me and God. Gosh, how often do I do that? (Answer: hardly ever.) And yet, when I do, I discover it does wonders for my soul. God reminds me I am His.

There are more things like that I can be doing—little things, accessible things, that have the power to fill up my well. This month, I am leaning into doing more of them. Because, you know what? I cannot be a great loving, creative, and generous person if I forget whose I am.

Perhaps you yourself are feeling a bit run-down, like you don’t have an ounce of kindness left to give. It might be that you, like me, are feeling like every bit of goodness and fun and joy has been used up and the well is very, very empty. I know that feeling. And, it’s okay. Because there is good news I was so recently reminded of that I will share with you: The well can be filled up again. And it really doesn’t take much. Give yourself 15 minutes today, just 15 minutes of generosity for you and you alone. Take a walk. Take a bath. Hide out in the bedroom with the door closed and read a chapter of a book. No interruptions. Just kindness—to a chosen daughter of God.

Here’s to filling the well!