• scissors
• cards found at bit.ly/heartmatchingcards


Cut out the heart matching cards. Fill in the blank cards with all the ways God has shown His love to your family. Be sure to make two of each card. Find a table for your family to gather around. Lay the heart cards facedown on the table arranged in a square or rectangular grid.


Gather everyone around the table. Explain to your family that this game is just like Memory, the matching game. Written on each card is one way God shows us His love. Every card has a matching partner.

The person who starts the game will turn over any two cards. If the cards match, the player gets to keep the pair. If the cards do not match, the player must turn them back over. Then the next player repeats this process. The goal is to collect as many pairs as you can. The person with the most pairs at the end wins!


My kids aren’t readers: That’s okay! If your little ones are not reading yet, simply read the cards aloud for them, pointing at each word so they can follow along. After you’ve read the cards aloud, you can let your child determine whether they say the same thing or not. You can also add colors or shapes to the cards, making sure each pair matches.

I have a big family: This game may fly by quickly for bigger families. If this is the case, feel free to play this game “challenger style.” In this twist, instead of allowing everyone to play the game at once, invite only two players to battle each other until one person wins. The winner will stay in the game and play against someone new. Continue to swap people out until there are only two players left. The winner of the final round wins the whole game! Don’t forget to mix the cards up before each round so a consistent winner does not have a sneaky advantage.


February can be such a fun month filled with special treats and funny valentines. In the midst of all the red and pink, remind your family of the greatest love of all time. God has given us an unwavering and amazing love that we can’t get from anyone other than Him. His love is perfect, and even though not one of us deserves it, He still chose to create us and love us! Let the truths of this game serve as a reminder that God knows us and we get to know Him. He offers us the most fulfilling relationship of all, and no chocolate is sweeter than that!