• Christmas carol downloads from http://bit.ly/homefrontcarols


Go to http://bit.ly/homefrontcarols  and print one copy of each Christmas carol or simply look up the lyrics to your favorite Christmas songs on your smart phone.


Gather all the players together and designate one person to be the judge. Give this person one of the Christmas-carol cards. Everyone else will sit or stand in a circle. You will also need to select one player to start the game.

Explain to the group that the judge will share the title out loud. When the judge says, “Go,” the starting player will begin by saying the first word of the carol. Going in a circle, everyone will take turns saying the words one at a time, from memory. If a player misses or forgets the next word, he is out. The following person will pick right up with the missed word and continue on. Keep this going until only one player is left.

The judge will use the Christmas-carol card to follow along and make sure everyone says the right words.

Once you have your winner, start again with a new carol and a new judge!


If your kiddos are not familiar with the Christmas carols, it’s not a problem! Simply partner them up with an older child or adult. Encourage the pair to work as a team. Perhaps the older child or adult whispers the word to the little one, and she gets to say it out loud.


Whether you nailed every carol or missed every word, there is something quite uncomfortable about remembering words or songs on the spot! Remind your children that even some of the most fun and exciting things can feel a little uncomfortable. In fact, Jesus left the greatest comfort of all—His home in heaven with God—to come to earth as a human. It doesn’t get more uncomfortable than that! But, the good news is, something wonderful happened when He stepped out of heaven. He saved all of us from sin! As your family celebrates the birth of Christ this season, encourage them to remember that sometimes God asks us to do things that take us out of our comfort zones, but we can trust that it will always be for something better, and He will transform us when we obey!