Editors Note for February 2015:

February brought about a unique opportunity as we combined the environment of MODELING with the theme of love. We began asking, “What does love look like?” We immediately recognized that 1 Corinthians 13 paints the perfect picture for us. That’s why we chose 1 Corinthians 13:4–7 as our FAMILY VERSE. We feel these are important verses for families to commit to memory.

We wanted to share stories about great acts of love—and sometimes those acts happen in the everyday actions of being a mom or dad. Our EVERYDAY MOM BLOG and EVERYDAY DAD BLOG articles will remind you that as parents, you model love for your children every day.

We recognize it’s important for children to see that true love is sacrificial. Our RECIPE encourages you to use your time and resources to make one meal for your family while taking a second meal to someone in need.

Our TRADITIONS article will inspire you to model love in a tangible way by writing love notes on the bathroom mirror. These cherished words will surely brighten a loved one’s day. And the STORYTELLING article gives a sneak peek into Michelle Anthony’s new book, Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family, as we read about the importance of “the father’s nod.”

Our HomeFront team considers it a privilege to walk this journey of spiritual parenting with each one of you. Our prayer is that together, we can place our children in the path of the Divine and equip a new generation to look to Jesus, our perfect model of great acts of love.

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