Editor’s Note November 2015:

Giving thanks in all circumstances as this month’s FAMILY VERSE suggests is not a natural response. In fact, I rarely, if ever, think to thank God when I am in a season of pain, much less when I’m feeling the discomfort of having my course corrected. Yet, this is what God asks us to do. He wants us to reach beyond what is natural and lean into the supernatural power of His Spirit and begin to thank Him in ALL circumstances. This does not necessarily mean thanking Him for those difficult circumstances; it just means thanking Him for who He is and His pattern of faithfulness in our lives.

This month’s HomeFront focuses on giving thanks as a way to get back on the corrected path. Our create article provides a fun way for your family to remain thankful throughout the month. The kids in the kitchen will have your friends and family saying “thanks” to you for such an amazing treat!

Michelle Anthony shares an excerpt from her book Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family in the prayer article. She encourages us to allow our children to lead us in a time of prayer. In our blessing article, she also outlines five biblical steps for giving a blessing to your children and includes words of encouragement for your children to stay on the corrected course.

Course correction always has a purpose! We can be thankful that through God’s loving grace He offers us a path to healing. Like a wise father, God knows that thankfulness keeps our hearts exactly where they need to be. Our prayer is that you will understand the height, and the breadth, and the depth of His love for you and your family. May His love lead you to a life of thanksgiving!

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