Scripture is filled with passages that remind us that God is in control of the wind.
Psalm 78:26 reveals that God “let loose the east wind from the heavens and by his
power made the south wind blow,” and Mark 4:39 shows us Jesus’ power as He
rebukes the wind and it obeys Him and becomes still.

The wind can be a great reminder for us that God is in control of our lives as
well. He wants to direct our paths, and whether that is done in the quiet whisper
of a soft breeze or the roar of a wild wind, He will be faithful to correct our courses
and keep us on track—all we need to do is listen!

What You’ll Need to Make the Garden Wind Catcher:

• garden flagpole
• scissors
• ribbon
• fabric torn in strips
• embellishments (optional)

A great thing about this wind catcher is that after you make a base of ribbon and fabric, you can add other colors for the different seasons of the year. God is with us through all the seasons of our lives!

What You’ll Do to Make the Garden Wind Catcher:

1. Gather as much ribbon as you have or purchase small amounts of ribbon and/or fabric in the colors you choose.

2. Measure the height of your garden flagpole from the top to about four inches from the bottom—then double that amount. (Our pole measured 37 inches from the bar across the top to the piece that inserts into the ground. So we cut our ribbon and fabric into 66-inch strips.)

3. Begin by folding the ribbon or fabric in half over the top of the flagpole. Then, tie the
ribbon or fabric with a single loop knot onto the metal bar.

4. Make a base of neutral color and then add the colors you want to reflect the current season. (We added red and blue for the Fourth of July and used embellishments to represent the stars on a flag.)

5. Place your wind catcher in a spot where you can watch the fabric and ribbon blow when the wind blows!