Hi, I’m Confident Courtney.

This is a story about my brother, Fearful Freddy. I don’t really like calling him that because, you see, Freddy hasn’t always been so fearful. It all started two months ago.

I was picking him up from school one day and some boys had him cornered and were talking bad smack about him. It scared him! When we got in the car I could tell he wasn’t the same. He seemed fearful for the first time and not his normal self.

I talked to our mom and dad about this, and they said, “We will talk to him.” So, they did, but it didn’t seem to help at all. Freddy, my little brother who was never afraid, became fearful of everything! Every sound. Every shadow. Every person. And even afraid in our own home!

I told Freddy he shouldn’t be afraid in our home because it is a safe place filled with happiness, hope, and the Holy Spirit. I reminded Freddy that God is with us wherever we go even when we don’t see Him or hear Him.

Then a couple of months later something amazing happened. Ring, ring! Oh, that’s my timer. “Time to go pick up Freddy from school,” I told myself. Oh no! There are those boys again—I’d like to teach them a lesson. I felt God tell me, “Courtney, I’m going to teach them a lesson. Let Freddy do this himself or he will always be afraid!”

Freddy was fearful and shaking, but he remembered what I had told him about God being with him. He walked straight up to those boys and said, “Hey, I didn’t like what you said to me a couple of months ago!” The boys looked very surprised, but they turned to him and said, “We are sorry! We weren’t thinking. Will you forgive us?”

Freddy agreed to forgive them and made them promise they wouldn’t do it
again to him or anyone else. The boys all agreed with a big, “I promise!”

That night at dinner, when our parents asked Freddy about his day, he
replied, “I had a great day!” I could tell at that moment he was changed! He
was back to being Freddy. Thank You, God!

Parents: This is a simple story written by a 10 year old that might be fun for your children to read to you! After reading it, talk together and ask them if they have ever had anything happen to make them fearful. Remind them that God is always with them and will give them courage to step out in faith.