• 1–2 eggs (plastic or real) per person
• 10 plastic or paper cups

Paul says that if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead we are to be pitied above all people (1 Corinthians 15:17–19). However as we reflect on this season of Easter, our confidence can lead to immense joy. In this deep joy, we celebrate together, so we present for your enjoyment the Easter Family Olympics!

Join with your family and get ready for a fun and competitive series of games. With your eggs (real or plastic), compete or just participate in the following games!

  1. Egg bowling
    • Set up 10 cups in a pyramid formation.
    • Roll your egg toward the cups and try to knock them down.
    • The person who knocks down the most cups wins!
  2. Egg toss
    • Pair up. If your family has an odd number of people, invite neighbors to join!
    • Start a few feet away from your partner. Gently toss an egg (underhand is best) to your partner.
    • If your partner catches the egg, you both take a step backwards, and then your partner throws the egg back to you.
    • The team with the most tosses wins!
  3. Egg balance
    • Begin on your hands and knees.
    • Have a partner place the egg on your back.
    • Lift into a bear crawl position.
    • Crawl as far as you can before the egg falls off.
    • The person who crawls the farthest wins!
  4. Egg squats
    • Have each person place an egg between their knees, holding it so it doesn’t break or drop.
    • After the egg is placed, each person should attempt a squat. You will get one point for every successful squat that doesn’t result in a cracked or dropped egg.
    • Whoever has the most points wins!