Understanding why Jesus had to die can be difficult for children. Thankfully, His death for our sins isn’t the end of the story. We can share with our children that Jesus isn’t still dead. We can remind them that He went to the cross willingly because He loves us so much and wanted to take the punishment for our sins.

Take a moment to read Luke 24:1–8 with your children. Explain to them that Jesus is more powerful than death. He rose from the dead, and He is alive! If they believe this—if they believe He died to take away their sins—they can live with Him forever, even after their lives on this earth are done.

This month, as a fun way to remember that Jesus has the power to conquer death, help your children create these empty tomb clothespins.

Easter Tombs – A Fun Easter Clothespin Craft Supplies

What You’ll Need for Empty Tombs Easter Craft:

    • clothespins (1 per person)
    • glue stick
    • card stock (1 sheet for every 2 people, preferably white or beige)
    • crayons or markers
    • scissors

To Make Empty Tombs Easter Craft:

    1. Download the Empty Tombs Printable that is available below.
    2. Cut out the stone and tomb templates.
    3. Cut out a purple “He Is Risen!” banner for each empty tomb clothespin you plan to make.
    4. Using the stone and tomb templates, trace the shapes onto card stock and cut them out. You’ll need one set of shapes for each clothespin.
    5. Invite the children to color their stones and tombs.
    6. Glue a banner to the back of a tomb so the text shows (see photo).
    7. Lay a clothespin on its side and glue the tomb to the bottom piece of the clothespin, on the back (see photo).
    8. Glue the top half of the stone to the top piece of the clothespin, on the front, and the bottom half of the stone on the bottom piece of the clothespin, also on the front (see photo).
    9. When you press open the clothespin, you’ll reveal the banner that declares, “He Is Risen!”