As the end of summer approaches, make these Tin Can Lanterns as a fun way to light a path in your yard or decorate a tree. The lanterns can be a reminder of how God’s love lights up our lives. Share with your children that we’re to reflect God’s love and allow it to shine out onto others.

DIY Tin Can Lantern

What You’ll Need

  • tin cans (any size)
  • thin wire (enough to create a handle for each lantern so you can hang it)
  • nail (medium size)
  • spray paint
  • towel
  • tea light candles
  • optional: permanent marker

What You’ll Do

  1. Fill each can with water and put it in the freezer until the water is frozen solid.
  2. Place the can on the towel so it won’t slip.
  3. Use the hammer and the nail to pound a pattern into your can. For younger children, you might use the marker to draw the design on the can before you begin.
  4. At the top of the can, punch two holes across from each other. You will thread the wire through these holes.
  5. Run hot water into the can until the ice melts. Let the can dry.
  6. Spray paint the outside of the can.
  7. Once the paint dries (three or four hours), thread a section of wire through the two holes and twist the ends to secure.
  8. Place a tea light candle at the bottom of the can. Light and enjoy!