Rustic and Easy to Make!

God designed us to live in community and to experience Him in ways that can only happen in close proximity to one another. Our home is the nucleus in which we can live out this communal experience. More than any other group, our family teaches us how to love God and others.

Each family member has his or her own unique identity and beauty—but when we flock together, we become strong and can reflect God’s love in even more beautiful ways.

This month, create a wall hanging to represent the faith community within your family. Remind your children that all families look different. Allow each family member to find or purchase a feather to best represent themselves. Feel free to include your extended family as well. Talk about how your family’s faith has influenced your lives. Then, take all the feathers and hang them together.

DIY Feather Wall Hanging Materials:

  • twine
  • feathers
  • stick or twig
  • board
  • permanent marker

DIY Feather Wall Hanging Steps:

  1. Tie a single piece of twine to opposite ends of your stick to create a triangle.
  2. Tie the feathers with twine and attach them to the stick. You may want to use a drop of hot glue to hold them in place.
  3. Use the marker to write the word “Family” on your board. Depending on how well your board balances on your stick, you may want to hot glue them together.
  4. Hang the wall hanging as a reminder of the beautiful community in your own family when you flock together.