“Please give me s’more!!!” This is what your family will be saying all summer when you make this simple DIY S’mores Bar for your backyard. It will create a perfect gathering spot for your family to share stories of all God is doing in your lives.

DIY Backyard S'more Bar

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Backyard S’mores Bar:

  • container—any type, shape, or size— wooden box, galvanized buckets, terra cotta pots, window planters, etc.
  • lava rocks or pea gravel to fill container
  • 4–6 chafing dish fuel containers (Sterno)

What You’ll Do to Make DIY Backyard S’mores Bar:

  1. Fill your container with the lava rocks and or pea gravel. Depending on the size of your container, you can fill the bottom with something lightweight (packing peanuts, crushed aluminum cans, etc.) then cover the top with the rocks. This will help keep your container light enough to move.
  2. Place the Sterno containers in the rocks making sure they are straight and stable—you may need to adjust the rocks a bit for this step.

To Make the S’mores:

You will need the following ingredients:

  • roasting skewers
  • graham crackers
  • large marshmallows
  • chocolate bars
  • add a twist
    • use flavored marshmallows
    • add pre-cooked bacon
    • spread peanut butter on the graham cracker
    • replace chocolate with:
      • peanut butter cups
      • chocolate-covered caramel candies
      • chocolate-covered mint patties
  1. Take two graham cracker squares and place a piece of chocolate on one of the squares.
  2. Roast a marshmallow and place the roasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate. Cover with the other graham cracker square.
  3. The warmth from the roasted marshmallow will slightly melt the chocolate creating a mouth-watering experience for all!