For most of us, September gets us in “back to school” mode and reminds us of all the fun adventures a new school year brings.

It’s a perfect time to meet new families and invite them into our homes. Remind your children that when we walk through a door into another family’s home, we become a part of their story. And, in turn, when we invite people into our homes, they become a part of ours! We want to teach our children how to share their stories and how to listen to others share their stories.

Before having guests over or going to a friend’s house, share with your children some questions that will help them to learn more about others.

  • When did you move into this house?
  • What kind of games does your family like to play?
  • How did you learn about Jesus?
  • How did you and your spouse meet?
  • Where are your favorite restaurants?
  • What’s your favorite school memory?
  • What are you looking forward to this school year?

Then make this Back-to-School ruler wreath to welcome others—and their unique stories—into your home. Also, let it remind your children of the importance of hearing the stories of others.


DIY Ruler Wreath

  • 22 wood rulers, each 12” long
  • something round to which you’ll glue the rulers (lid of a paint can, 6” embroidery hoop, foam wreath, etc.)
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon or twine
  • *optional: misc. school-themed decorative items (pencils, pom-poms, small school pictures, etc.)


  1. Hot glue half of the rulers to the round item in a “starburst” pattern. Make sure the rulers are evenly spaced, and leave a small gap between each ruler.
  2. Hot glue the remaining rulers on top of the first layer, with these rulers centered over the gaps.
    3. *optional: Hot glue some fun school-themed items to your wreath.
    4. Tie the wreath to your door using ribbon or twine looped through one of the holes in the ruler.