Editor’s Note for August 2015:

This month, as we took a fresh look at the environment of KNOWING, our designer/ photographer, Stephanie, felt strongly that God wanted us to simply get back to the basics of who He is. We discussed how we often complicate and overthink knowing God. We decided to use God statements to title each article—simple descriptions that state truths about God’s character. As we approached our team of writers, they loved this idea and began to fill pages with stories and practical ways we can get back to the basics of knowing God.

Storytelling  is a beautiful reminder to our children that God is with us wherever we go—even on the first day of school. The conversation starter focuses on getting to know our children’s teachers and then showing God’s love by caring for them. Your family will be greatly impacted by this month’s prayer/create article as you create a safe place to pray in a fortress.

We are reminded of God’s faithfulness in your role as a spiritual parent in our special spiritual parenting article  and marriage encourages us to be gracious with our spouses as we work “shoulder to shoulder” with them in our role as parents.

It’s a take-your-breath-away moment when we recognize that God not only wants us to know Him, but He knows us. He desires to be in relationship with us. Imparting this truth to our children could quite possibly be our most important role as parents and grandparents! Our hope is this issue of HomeFront will be a helpful resource to help you do exactly that.

HomeFront Magazine August 2015 Issue

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