Each magazine is divided into two sections: Family Time and Inspire, Equip, Support.

Family time articles are created to equip parents to engage with their children on a weekly basis—it’s usually best to do this around a meal. Choose two or three experiences you would like to incorporate into your family times each week. Don’t feel burdened to complete them all. Strive to make each gathering unique and remember to have fun!

Inspire, Equip, and Support articles are parenting stories, devotions, and ideas to encourage you as you take on the role of the spiritual leader of your children’s faith.

Family Time

Family Time Verse is a designed Bible verse for your family. Memorizing Scripture can be an incredible practice to engage in as a family.

Capturing the Season ties the environment into the season in creative ways.

Create is a collaborative response that reinforces the environment.

Storytelling is a story for you to read to your children. Sometimes it’s a true story and other times it’s make-believe. All the stories will help imprint God’s truth on their hearts.

Prayer gives families unique ways to pray together.

Traditions encourages families to hand down beliefs or customs from generation to generation.

Family Time Recipes are simple family-friendly recipes to enjoy together during your family time.

Kids in the Kitchen provides ways to engage your children in the kitchen.

Conversation Starters gives you open-ended questions to help create conversation and get your children talking.

Game Time has Younger, Older, and sometimes All-Play versions of games to engage your family and help them learn the environment in a fun and exciting way.

God’s Word gives you valuable Bible background of a portion of Scripture and follows up with a “Hear It” and “Do It” option for your entire family.

Worship encourages families to explore different ways to worship God together.

Blessing gives you Scripture and words to speak truth into the life of your child for the purpose of declaring God’s protection, joy, and wisdom over him.

Taking Action is a story about an ordinary person who saw an injustice and took action to make a difference in the world.

Global awakens a compassionate heart and a global mindset in your children.


Inspire, Equip, Support

Everyday Mom Blog shares inspiring stories from real-life moms.

Everyday Dad Blog shares inspiring stories from real-life dads.

Tot Time Rhyme gives you simple lyrics filled with God’s truth put to tunes of familiar rhymes and songs to share with your little one.

Student ID offers encouragement for parents of middle schoolers to help you navigate this important stage of life.

Marriage supports you as you strive for a healthy marriage.

Tough Topics shares real stories of life’s most difficult challenges while recognizing God’s love and care for us during these times.

Spiritual Grandparenting encourages grandparents to take an active role in the spiritual development of your grandchildren while supporting your own children in the role God has entrusted to them.