• 1 dice
• paper, 2 sheets per person
• markers, 1 per person
• permanent marker
• small bowls, 1 per person
• scissors


Write the word “grateful” vertically down the left- hand side of a sheet of paper, leaving room for the player’s name at the top. Repeat until each player has his own paper. Next, on each remaining sheet of paper, write the word “grateful” with space between each of the letters, allowing room to cut them out. Then cut out each individual letter, fold in half, and place in each person’s bowl. Each bowl should have all of the letters needed to create the word “grateful.” Set out one bowl filled with letters, one sheet that says the word “grateful,” and one marker for each player. Place the dice in the center.


Invite your family to join you around the game. Explain that everyone will have the opportunity to share some things they are grateful for, but, it’s a race to see who can finish first!

Starting with the youngest, the first player will pick up the dice and roll it, then pass it to the next person who will take a turn rolling. After each player has rolled the dice, the person with the highest number gets to pick a letter out of his bowl. That person must think of something he is grateful for that begins with that letter. For example, if he selects the letter “u,” he could say “I’m thankful for umbrellas that keep me dry when it rains.” Or, if he picks the letter “g,” he could say, “I am thankful for Grandma.” Some letters are harder than others, so it’s okay if your children have some of the same answers.

After the first person states what he is thankful for, he will write it down next to the letter on his piece of paper. Younger children may need some help writing. This will complete the first round. You will continue playing the same way until someone has finished every letter of the word “grateful.” The first person to complete the word wins!


This game may go by quickly, slowly, or just right! If your game ends early, play another round! Encourage kids to get creative with their answers, like foods they are thankful for, or special supplies they get to use at school. If your game seems to go by slowly or if your family is pretty big, consider playing as teams. Split the crew in half (or close to half if you have an odd number), with one side battling the other. This is a time for fun, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


As followers of Christ we have a responsibility to live lives filled with gratitude. Sometimes it may not feel like we have much to be thankful for, or we might just forget the ways God has provided for us. But we are called to be grateful in all circumstances. Remind your children that no matter who we are or what we have, there are many things to be thankful for—the most important being that God loves us no matter what. Encourage your kids to set an example for others while they are at school or playing with friends or family. We get to show the people around us what Christ is like and that is one of best responsibilities we can have!