As the Christmas schedule fills with parties and shopping, we long for time to reflect on its true meaning—the love and gift of Jesus, our Savior! Here is a fun activity to help you focus on Christ this Christmas season. Over the course of 12 days, you and your children will explore the events leading up to Jesus’ birth by creating a storybook. You will need to plan time to read and create three times each week in December. I truly believe you have to fight for this time, otherwise the days, weeks, and month will just fly by.

Have fun and let the kids be as creative as they’d like!
Below are some simple ideas for illustrations, but kids can illustrate whatever they think goes along with the story. And, if you post to social media, we’d love to see your artwork! Use the hashtag #homefrontmag.


• blank journal or notebook
• The Birth of Jesus passages, downloaded from
• glue
• scissors
• art supplies (watercolors, markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.)


Before you begin

1. Purchase a blank journal or notebook of any size, preferably one with thicker paper (1 per child).
2. Write the child’s name and age inside the front cover of his journal.
3. Download and cut out The Birth of Jesus passages.
4. Glue the passages into the journal, one per page.

Choose 12 times to read together leading up to Christmas

1. Read the passage with your kids and discuss the events described.

2. Allow your children to illustrate, paint, and create alongside each passage. Be creative!

     Simple ideas for illustrations:

Day 1: earth, darkness, or the word, “Promise”
Day 2: angel, bright light
Day 3: outer space, Mary
Day 4: old stable, “Emmanuel”
Day 5: bright star, spotlight, baby
Day 6: music notes
Day 7: shepherds running
Day 8: three gifts: frankincense, gold, myrrh
Day 9: men with camels
Day 10: book, star
Day 11: three men looking at Jesus, little town, crown
Day 12: present, big star

3. Save these journals and do this activity each year at Christmastime. It will be fun to watch as your children’s art skills develop and the story begins to deepen in their hearts.