Because we highlight 10 environments in HomeFront and there are 12 months each year, we are able to make each environment come alive through the lens of a new season. This month, we were especially excited to find out that our March issue falls in the environment of SERVING—and Easter is in March this year! What better example of SERVING do we have than Jesus laying down His life for us?

This issue is jam-packed with new ideas to answer the servant question, “What needs to be done?” Our TRADITIONS article shares about how one family “sneak attacks” the friends and neighbors they want to serve, while BLESSING tells about a little boy who learns that serving his family brings them love and joy.

STORYTELLING and CREATE are both based on Luke 15:1–7. This portion of Scripture is a beautiful reminder that we are the sheep and Jesus is the shepherd—nothing will stop the Good Shepherd from rescuing us when we wander away.

As followers of this Good Shepherd, Easter is our most important holiday. Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies aside, we set the day apart to remember that God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life and to die for our sins. But Jesus did not stay dead—He rose again. That is why many people call Easter Resurrection Sunday—because that is exactly what it is!

Our prayer is that this issue of HomeFront will provide you with Biblical truth, activities, and conversation starters that will resource you as you prepare to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with your family!