Out of the Comfort Zone

Fearful Freddy

Fearful Freddy

Hi, I’m Confident Courtney. This is a story about my brother, Fearful Freddy. I don’t really like calling him that because, you see, Freddy hasn’t always be... Read More...
face your fears

Face Your Fears

This game encourages your children to remember that no matter what comes their way, no matter how uncomfortable or scary something may be, they can rest knowing that God will bring them the strength and courage they need to step out in faith!
In Christ Alone

In Christ Alone

Following Jesus can be scary. There’s a familiar story in the Bible of Jesus taking a nap on a boat while He and His disciples head to the other side of a la... Read More...
show up

Show Up

I’m sitting next to my husband in grief counseling, folding and refolding the tissue in my hand as tears drip from my chin. There’s no point in tissues anymore.... Read More...
souls over stuff

Souls Over Stuff

Our most challenging seasons oftentimes allow us the most intimacy with the Lord. Leaning into the uncomfortable and the tension shapes us and brings about the ... Read More...