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>Are you your brother’s keeper?
>Dads: What do your kids need to hear from you?
>Is your marriage a contract or a covenant?

As our team brainstormed the September issue of HomeFront, we realized the word “responsibility” can have a negative connotation. Early on in Scripture we find the question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Genesis 4:9). Humans always seek to shirk responsibility, because we view it as a burden. And yet, in God’s eyes, we ARE responsible for others. He places people in our lives and calls us to steward those relationships.

As parents, it is our job to challenge our children to take responsibility for their brothers and sisters in Christ. The key is: We do not have to take on the weight of this responsibility alone. The Holy Spirit desires to accomplish His work in this world through us. God will meet us in the hard places of caring for our neighbors, our community, and our world. Our FAMILY TIME VERSE (page 5) casts our vision: We may grow weary, but we must not give up if we desire to see the harvest of our work!

This month’s STORYTELLING (page 15) challenges us to love our neighbors worldwide—not just next door. In our WORSHIP article (page 9) you will be encouraged to spread God’s love by creating “kindness rocks” and then hiding the rocks for others to find. Our hope is this simple act of love will brighten someone’s day. Our TOUGH TOPIC (page 41) reminds us God has given us the responsibility of caring for orphans, and the article provides some creative ways to do this.

Our prayer this month is that your family will begin to look at the word “responsibility” with fresh eyes and a new mindset. We desire to see families rely on the Holy Spirit as they take on their God-given responsibilities for the things and people He has entrusted to them.

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