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September 2016


> Can you smell fall in the air?
> Do you worship nonetheless?
> 3 stages of course correction.

Sometimes having our course corrected can be a painful process—natural consequences for our poor choices can be rough. Other times, course correction can feel more like gentle balancing—like when we learned to ride a bike for the very first time. Unknowing, we demand that our parents remove our training wheels, but we quickly recognize we are not quite ready to take off on our own. So, our Heavenly Father holds us and keeps us in line, guiding us until we are stable. We may fall, but He is right there to pick us up, help us shake it off, and get us right back on track.

Our HomeFront team feels so grateful that we get to be a part of your family each month. We pray that this issue will give you creative ways to implement the environment of COURSE CORRECTION in your home and help your family understand that when we get off track, God is there to offer us a path to healing.

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