May 2017


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> Where’s your citizenship?
> What identifies you?
> What’s in a name?

What identifies you? Now that is a million dollar question! How would you answer it? How might your family describe what identifies you? How about your coworkers or close friends? For me personally, my hope is that anyone you ask would say that I am identified by a heart that is set on  “things above” as our FAMILY TIME VERSE (page 5) states this month, and that I live in full confidence that I am chosen and redeemed! But it’s a challenge to live out this truth, isn’t it?

This month’s issue of HomeFront is filled with wisdom that unpacks the question, “What identifies you?” Our
WORSHIP article (page 8) reminds us that our true citizenship is in heaven and our EVERYDAY DAD BLOG (page 38) encourages us to be like Christ while still embracing our uniqueness. In PRAYER (page 25) we help pinpoint the things that get in our way and keep us from living fully in our God-given identities.

As parents, we must begin to instill in our children a solid understanding of who and Whose they are from the youngest of ages. Then, as they grow and encounter the definitions and labels of the world, we shepherd them to intentionally live out of their true identities. The world will come at our kids with a plethora of counter identities that will tell them who they are if we have not taken the time to tell them first. We have been rescued and bought with a price and we can live like sons and daughters of the Most High King!

     Our prayer is that this issue of HomeFront inspires you to begin these important conversations—and that the conversations will not stop at the end of the month but go on for a lifetime.

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