July 2017


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Each of us has experienced a season where our course needed some correcting. Romans tells us “all have sinned and fall short,” which means we ALL have times when we need to get back on the right path (3:23). But how do we hear from God in the roar of everyday life? Where do we find the time to seek Him and listen when our schedules are overloaded?

Sometimes God makes COURSE CORRECTION loud and clear, but often He uses a gentle whisper like He did with Elijah. You can read this story in GOD’S WORD (page 24). Elijah waited to hear from God, but He did not speak in the fierce wind or the shaking of the earth or even the fire—no, God’s precious words were held in a faint whisper. I recently read this statement: “You can’t hear someone whisper when he is across the room.” We can’t hear God’s whisper if we are not close to Him. This is what Steve Carter realized and shares with us in the EVERYDAY DAD BLOG (page 38). Steve recognized he needed to start each day with time close to God, time spent listening for His words.

Our PRAYER article (page 22) offers ways to practice being still and listening for God’s voice. Our friends from UnhurriedLiving.com share with us how to create an unhurried marriage in MARRIAGE (page 42). They explain that hearing from God as individuals can strengthen us as couples.

We can rest in the fact that God wants nothing more than to bring healing and wholeness as He lovingly corrects our course. Our prayer is for this issue of HomeFront to help you learn ways to be still and listen!

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