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From birth’s first cry, we scream for our own personal needs to be met: “Feed me! Change me! Hold me!” As we learn to speak, the word “MINE!” comes easily, and that doesn’t change as we grow into adulthood. Claiming “MINE!” may look a little different as we age, but it is there underneath, motivating all we do.

Learning to put others’ needs above our own does not come naturally. In fact, it is a constant struggle for most of us. Paul charged the believers at the church in Philippi to “value others above [them]selves” knowing full well the challenge it would be (Philippians 2:3). But Paul also knew this was how Jesus calls His followers to live.

Jesus put our needs above His own because He loved us. When we receive and experience that great love, the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to love and respect others and put their needs above our own.

Our hope is that this issue of HomeFront will give your family fresh examples of how to live in the environment of LOVE and RESPECT.

As your family members enjoy February’s focus on love, remind them that God’s love is the greatest of all. When we allow God’s love to fill us up, we can respectfully put the needs of others above our own and experience His love to the fullest!

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