August 2017


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>Need to get organized for the new school year?
>Back to School Breakfast!
>Do you know who is befriending your child?

This month’s FAMILY TIME VERSE (page 5) challenges us to look at those who lead us, consider the outcomes of their lives, and imitate their faith.

As adults, we have the ability to discern if those leading us are living a life of faith worth imitating. We can easily choose who to follow and who to lead. However, our children have not yet flexed their discernment muscles. Their number one leader is you—their parent. What are you modeling? Is it a faith they can embrace and imitate?

In GOD’S WORD (page 24), Michelle Anthony encourages us to model a congruent life; she reminds us that God desires for us to have hearts that are close to Him and actions that follow. In our EVERYDAY MOM BLOG (pages 36¬–37) author of The Lucky Few, Heather Avis, encourages parents to not only lead by example but to also teach our children to be leaders themselves.

This month’s STORYTELLING (page 15) points out the domino effect our faith has—it shares the faith journey of Billy Graham and the millions of ripples his one faith decision caused. In MARRIAGE (page 43) we read about the impact of a long-lasting marriage and the benefits of staying, even through the tough seasons.

Our hope is that in this back-to-school season HomeFront parents will open important discussions with their families about whom they are following and whom they are leading. You may choose to do this intentionally as our TRADITIONS article (page 13) shares, or allow it to happen in the rhythm of your everyday life, always remembering: you can see Christ in others, and they can see Him in you.

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