April 2017


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> How to prepare for Easter.
> Need some evidence of the resurrection?
> Want your high schooler to know God?

I am the worst at getting-to-know-you games. In fact, you will usually see me slip out the back or find any excuse to get out of an awkward and forced introduction with complete strangers. Don’t get me wrong— I love meeting people and learning about their interests and life experiences, but there is just something about those games that sends me running for cover. 

I’m grateful that getting to know God doesn’t happen in a flurry of silly questions and uncomfortable introductions. Getting to know God and being known by Him is more like “deep calling to deep”—the depths of our souls finding their satisfaction in Him (Psalm 42:7). As we put this issue of HomeFront together, a theme began to appear—a theme that reflects the importance of a time-tested relationship with the one true God. What we discovered was: if you know God, you can trust Him. His faithfulness in some of life’s most difficult situations demands our trust.

Samantha Fugate shares about trusting God’s character even through a failed adoption in our EVERYDAY MOM BLOG (page 36). Our TOUGH TOPICS article (page 40) reveals the tremendous faith of Roxy and Holland Davis as they explain how Jesus sees and loves their son who struggles with mental illness.

Because of what Jesus did on the cross, we are able to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. This month’s TRADITIONS article (page 16) highlights the powerful symbolism represented in a Passover meal. You will love the comparisons relating the original Passover meal to the fulfillment found in Jesus.

Easter takes on profound meaning as we recognize that God sent His Son because He wants a relationship with us. He doesn’t have to ask icebreaker getting-to-know-you questions because He already knows everything about us and loves us dearly!

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