Editor’s Note for June 2015:

I recently read a statistic that claimed parents only spend 38.5 minutes per week in meaningful conversation with their children—that breaks down to five and a half minutes per day! But what does the term “meaningful” really mean? To children, “meaningful” conversation can be as simple as asking about their day and discovering what is important to them. It can be respecting them enough to listen to what happened on the playground and consoling them as they share about a broken heart. Loving and respecting our children literally means making the time to be present.

This month’s prayer article shares a beautiful reminder about the power of just being there for our children. Then, it goes a step further and encourages us to spend some time praying for the struggles we unearth and thanking God for all the good things too.

Our create will give you a tangible way to show your children how soaking up God’s love changes us from the inside out. The conversation starter will reveal more than you can imagine by unapologetically asking our children, “What do you adore and why?”

Christopher Steenmeyer is beautifully transparent in the everyday dad blog as he tackles the topic of blending families. And, our tough topics this month is a must-read about parenting an autistic child with love and respect.

If you are reading this resource, my guess is that you do not fall into the 38.5-minute-per-week statistic. You have already been challenged and convicted about the role God has given you to spiritually parent your children and create an environment of love and respect in your home. Our prayer is that this month’s HomeFront will provide some new and exciting ways to accomplish this!

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