Have you ever compared the front and back of a tapestry? What is clear on the front is disguised on the back. Strings that make no sense and appear to be knotted and unraveled ends actually produce a beautiful piece of art when the tapestry is turned over. This reminds us that God is working all things together for good in our lives even when we can’t see it or others tell us differently (see Romans 8:28).

We have all taken on the identities others put on us. We’ve gotten tangled in the web of lies the enemy wants us to believe about ourselves—that we are not enough, no good, a failure, etc. But this is not how God sees us. While we only see the underside of the tapestry of our lives, God sees the top—the beautiful picture He is weaving. He sees us as His chosen, His redeemed, His adopted and deeply loved children.

This month, allow each family member to choose an identity word that defines how he or she feels seen by God and create a tapestry.

What You’ll Need to Make the Identity Tapestry:

• plastic canvas mesh (one for each family member)
• yarn, multiple colors
• yarn needles
• marker

What You’ll Do to Make the Identity Tapestry:

1. Choose an identity word and write the word with marker on the canvas mesh.
2. Thread the needle and weave one solid color of yarn to spell out the word you have chosen.
3. Using multiple colors and lengths of yarn, cover the rest of the mesh to create your “tapestry.”

After completing your tapestry, compare the front to the back. Remind your child that no matter what we see or how our lives feel, God sees the front of the tapestry and wants us to trust Him.

*Here are a few identity words to get you started: chosen, adopted, redeemed, loved, accepted, forgiven, beloved, daughter, son, seen, known, enough, wanted, delighted in, special, heard, cherished, precious, privileged, cared for, set free.