As Christian parents, it can be difficult to make sure our families stay focused on Jesus at Easter. It’s easy to miss the true meaning and significance of the holiday with all the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies surrounding us. Although these traditions aren’t necessarily “bad,” it’s most important to remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection—the foundations of our faith! This month, capture the season by making these crosses to help keep your focus on the sacrifice Jesus made—the one that took Him out of everything comfortable. Remind your children that Jesus didn’t stay on that cross. He rose again and lives today!

What You’ll Need

  • twine or tie wire
  • 2 (14”) branches
  • 2 (71/2”) branches
  • 1 (17”) branch
  • 1 (91/2”) branch
  • crate or container
  • 3 pieces of floral foam
  • dirt, moss, and flowers

Old Rugged Cross – a Great Easter Decoration Supplies

What You’ll Do

  1. Make one large cross by taking the 91/2-inch branch and laying it across the 17-inch branch. Have your children help you hold the branches in place as you tie them together with the twine or tie wire. Then make two small crosses using the 14-inch and 71/2-inch branches.Old Rugged Cross – a Great Easter Decoration Step 1
  2. Place the floral foam in the bottom of the crate or container and stick the crosses into the foam.Old Rugged Cross – a Great Easter Decoration Step 2
  3. Fill the container with dirt, moss, and flowers. Place it in a prominent place in your home, and let it remind you of how much Jesus loves each one of you!Old Rugged Cross – a Great Easter Decoration Step 3