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Go Greet the People – Traditions
What’s in a Name? – Worship
Bite-Sized Pumpkin Pies – Kids in the Kitchen
Pie in My Face – Game Time

In this month’s GOD’S WORD (page 28) we are reminded of the story in Luke chapter 17 where Jesus heals 10 lepers but only one returns to thank Him. Jesus makes it clear that this man’s expression of gratitude is an act of service to God. Jesus interprets gratitude as worship. TOUGH TOPICS (page 44) shares a story about choosing gratitude even in a difficult situation. Sometimes saying “thank you” is insanely painful—when the prognosis is bad, when we are in the throes of grief—whispering these words in those times is an act of service literally answering the question, “What needs to be done?” Our PRAYER article (page 16) answers the question, “Who needs to be thanked?” with a creative way that will get your entire family involved. All in all, this issue is filled with new ways to think about the environment of SERVING.

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